Automotive Training International (ATi) was established to provide World Class "Real-World" Facilitation, Training & Consulting to the Automotive Fixed Operations Industry. We are Service Directors, Service Managers, Fixed Operations Managers that provide real-world applications and processes to other service personnel. We aren't "book" trainers, we've actually been there, and we are there every single day!

Our Mission is Simple:
"To provide World Class Real World Fixed Operations Knowledge, Training, Skills and products and processes utilizing our 360° Method of Implementation Success."

How we do it:
"Continually enhance, cultivate and acquire the necessary resources to become the Premier Fixed Operations Training Company in North America and beyond."

ATi recognizes that the business of Automotive Facilitation, Consulting and Training is primarily about PEOPLE. Processes, procedures, knowledge and skills are important to ATi and its valued clients, but only as far as the ATi Specialist can communicate and deliver those Fixed Operations Processes and procedures while demonstrating their automotive retail service knowledge and skills.

The ATi Team is more than just skillful, knowledgeable and talented - they are charismatic, entertaining educators, dynamic and fun!

Tyler Robbins Rich Gilardi David Terrell Jim Shaw
Tyler Robbins Rich Gilardi David Terrell Jim Shaw

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